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George W Bush Is The Root Of All Evil: Poems
George W Bush Is The Root Of All Evil

By: Dawn Rader on June 28, 2007 @ 6:33 PM

Greed, Money, Power, And Oil. Causing Death, Destruction, Poverty, And Pain. Everything he says he says in vain!
Spending BILLIONS of heart earned dollars on a war in which most don't believe. Just thinking about it makes me want to dry heave!

Pushing his religion instead of finding a cure. All he will ever be known for is his act of war! Not out to win, just out to purge. Claiming that it is GOD that this man serves. I WILL NOT BUY IT! for in his religion it is a sin. This man really doesn't have a brain within!

Forcing our country's soldiers to die in his game. The ones who make it back come home insane! It's no wonder with the horrors that they've seen. Innocent men, women, and children keep haunting their dreams!

Instead of lying to his people, he should try telling the truth! But he is afraid to admit that is was all a spoof! So in the end he is the root of all evil you see. He WILL NEVER TAKE THE BEST OF ME!

Believe me when I say this... But I just want to teach. It's not UN AMERICAN its FREEDOM OF SPEECH!


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