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River Draem: Poems
River Draem

By: David Rader II on January 18, 2008 @ 7:22 PM

I skipped across
stones to get to the
small isle in the rivers middle.

I netted a fish
and bucketed it.
I looked for more,
but the nearby group
suggested throwing the
fish back, I said no
but slipped and
spilled it out, but I
kind of wanted to let go

My foot then sank in the river bed and
the rivers water began to rapidly rise.
There was but a few feet of land on the
rivers isle and a small tree.

I reached for the tree
up high where my hand could
reach around its trunk
to pull myself from the waters
only to find there was a snake
waiting in the tree.

So I began pulling myself up
with a lower thicker part of the trunk
that I didn't think I could grasp
though it was managed and I
drug myself up on the shore...

A dream I had and wrote down soon as I woke up and turned out to be poetic or a poem...


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