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Staring Nice: Poems
Staring Nice

By: David Rader II on November 14, 2007 @ 6:54 AM

It's just me barely breathing
Sasquatch beating at my door
Sasquatch hungry the crow's no more

He makes a hole with his fist
He grabs my wrist
He breaks it with a twist

I scream "stop" with a lisp
There is a blade in the shade
I grab it, thrust at him, but it's a miss

He picks me up
He slams me down
The stars are spinning round

"Hold on" I say
He doesn't stop, I must sound say

I tried to be nice
It's why I missed with the knife
I just gambled with my life
He snaps my neck
He takes my checks
He picks his teeth with my bones

I am dead
I am sad
I could come back
I'm not mad
It's just me being nice
I've been had


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