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A Downtown Baltimore Stroll: Maryland News
A Downtown Baltimore Stroll

By: David Rader II on January 12, 2008 @ 10:38 PM

Maryland is a wonderful place, wondrous in fact, which probably means the same thing, but sounds more cool.

My wife and I took a stroll with our daughter in downtown Baltimore, Maryland (USA). We saw the National Aquarium of Baltimore from the outside (because it was dollar day and the lines were of hours wait to get inside, making up for any money saved in parking by those people trying to get in cheap for a dollar) and there was a submarine next to the aquarium. We're lucky they didn't shoot rockets at us from the submarine, because we're "different." I suppose they just don't keep those rockets active anymore.

After narrowly escaping death from a submarine with teeth once, we saw Santa's house and his elf's attacked us, but with our elite ninja and karate skills, we survived. Santa awarded us with presents, likely having nothing to do with our humongous muscles and lightning quick kicks.

When things calmed down, we walked by the Hard Rock cafe and took a look at the cool hand rails (2) on the steps, which were cool as mentioned. Barnes and Noble was our destination though, so we kept walking by the cafe, entered the bookstore, and smelled books. I like the smell of a new book. We bought some books too, after smelling them, of course.

One last mentionable thing of the things we saw though were some totally sweet police cars just parked on the sidewalk. They're so small compared to most American cars (I suppose so they can squeeze between traffic on the busy streets AND drive on the sidewalk where they parked, can you say "Grand Theft Auto?"). They were just so odd looking to me. Most of our cop cars look like regular cars to us, just painted differently and with blue and red lights. I didn't get a chance to smell them though, I'm not sure if that's illegal and I'm not a big fan of getting tazed.


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