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Maryland Comcast Job Experience: Maryland News
Maryland Comcast Job Experience

By: David Rader II on January 16, 2008 @ 7:24 PM

Working at Comcast
I used to be a technical support employee on the phones at Comcast. and it was a very pleasant experience. They had great benefits and the way they trained the employees really made me have a different outlook from a customer point of view as well, because they really respect their customers. Every business runs into problems that are tough to solve, but at Comcast they really have people even on the lowest end of the totem pole of superiority and workplace authority who try adamantly to get the problem solved... I was one of them.

Leaving Comcast
The main reason I really left Comcast wasn't because of stress on the job as is often the case with telephone jobs, it was really because I'm an idea man and I don't like to get other people in trouble. Although I know every company needs idea men and women, when I went to my superiors to share my ideas, I was laughed at. I know I could have gone to superiors above my immediate superiors, but when they would likely ask why didn't you go to your supervisor, I would risk getting him in trouble by saying "I did and he laughed at me" when I wasn't trying to get anyone in trouble, I was just trying to be taken seriously. I don't feel hurt about being laughed at, before the light bulb was invented, people would have laughed at the man who invented it and said "seriously, you mean light inside of a sealed glass?! how do you get the match in there!! you're crazy!!! lol!!!" and what ever room they were in when they said that would erupt in laughter. I'm not saying that I'm inventing the light bulb, because that's already been done.

Recommending the job
Over all, I would still recommend the job to others, because what happened to me isn't likely something to happen very often, because they usually do seem to value ideas there. I just happened to get the short straw that time. Not every job is perfect for everyone, but Comcast is definitely well worth a try for anyone. My coworkers were fantastic, even my superior who laughed at me was great other than the laughing matter, he just didn't see things the same way I did... Sometimes it takes a certain perspective and it's not the fault of the onlooker... If you're standing on the shore, you're never going to rocks at the bottom of the ocean. I had just said something to my supervisor in the beginning of a term and I wasn't ready to keep my ideas to myself for 3 to 6 months which is around how long I would be assigned with that supervisor... Why do I have these ideas if not to share them? Definitely give Comcast a try. Hey, you've got a bright side... I've already picked the short straw!

#1 Kimmy September 28, 2008 @ 2:13 PM
And as an IT recruiter in the Chicagoland area, I have interviewed many ex-comcast help desk people that were in Schaumburg, Il office. People always said they enjoyed the environment, but growth was something that would never happen. I think the trick is smaller companies rather than big ones!

#2 David Rader October 03, 2008 @ 6:33 AM
Heya Kimmy! I think you're right. I'm working with a smaller company now... It's not an IT company, but they do have an IT department (photography / printing)... Fortunately my years of Photoshop experience are finally coming into use! But the point is I feel more important there already... Not as much personally as from the view of an employee... An asset to the company so to speak.

One other nice thing is since the company isn't as big, everyone doesn't have a small selection of repetitive tasks to do. Everyone instead has a larger variety of duties keeping every day afresh and anew! I'm not a morning person, so the something new part is exciting enough to keep me awake while I'm there, and as we all probably know, staying awake is usually important at work.

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