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Omalley Taxes Increased: Maryland News
Omalley Taxes Increased

By: David Rader II on September 25, 2007 @ 1:25 PM

The idea is that right now Governor Martin Omalley's sales tax increase even with the proposed income tax decrease mean over all, we're still paying MORE over all.

Also, he says he's taxing the rich, even though an income tax decrease makes them save more money then the "non-rich." So maybe he's making it up for them there. Otherwise, he'd probably have a lot less rich supporters.
e.g. if he's giving everyone a 10% tax decrease (for example), each person seems to be saving the same ammount, but then if you take into consideration how much people need to buy (necessities), that percentage becomes smaller and smaller for the non-rich because those necessities take out a higher percentage.

Now, if Omalley really wants to do the citizens of Maryland some justice, let him make sure "on paper" it seems as though Maryland isn't making any more money off the non-rich. Then the true citizens of Maryland and the United States will be pretty much exactly where they are now, but the illegal citizens will be paying more taxes. In this fashion income tax can be reduced drastically and made up for in sales tax, so that the illegal immigrants will be paying their taxes and it will not be so unfair to the people who pay their taxes.


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