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MX Energy - Stop The Harassment: Maryland News
MX Energy - Stop The Harassment

By: David Rader II on May 03, 2011 @ 1:03 AM

This is a message I sent to the local police. The only things changed were links added and added remarks [noted with brackets like this].

A company keeps disturbing me with "demands" such as "go get my your BGE bill" and "we work with BGE and need to see it." They're called MX Energy. I feel SORRY for the workers who need jobs, but their company RIPS people off BIG time. I understand that they do it in a slick way so they can actually stay in business though (e.g. huge cancellation fees, low short term rates, high long term rates, probably other low life tactics).

Now, they're harassing me. I've told the first guy (and retroactively, his parent company) to GET THE HELL OFF MY PROPERTY after telling him I wasn't interested in multiple nice ways and dodging any question I had. He insulted me by demanding, not asking for my BGE bill and acting as if he had the authority to demand it. The first time the guy came by I felt as if he were a scam artist and I thought he was going to rip off a neighbor at home by herself. With him seeming shady at the start, I called the cops to come check on him, but the cops never showed (30+ mins of no show went by and I told them on the phone I was worried about the home alone female and I think I expressed my concerns about the elderly folk on the street). I remember last year some people were pretending to be reps of some sort then barging in and raping women, even elderly women. So I stayed outside and watched the guy (and eventually meeting up with other MX people) left the neighborhood. I was really surprised that no cops came after all the rapes last year [considering the precinct is less than a 5 minute WALK from my house], but that's another issue. I only work 50 hours a week, so what's an extra 30 mins to an hour away from family time? The second time MX energy came, after researching the company and seeing that they're not physical rapists, only shady pocket grabbers, I asked the second guy to "put me on a do not disturb list or something" and he said "we don't have a list like that."

Do you have a list like that for companies like this, since they don't? I know I could put up a no soliciting sign, but I don't mind some solicitors and I like getting those pizza and Chinese carry out menus in my fence on occasion. I don't want them to feel deterred. I'm not going to screw the livelihoods of all solicitors just for harassing bad apple (or bad tree in this case). What I do mind is telling a company to get off my property and they come back a few weeks later as if nothing happened, then telling me they can't stop coming (they have no do not disturb list). How do I stop them, legally?

[That's the end of my rant/question to the local police. If you live in Maryland, or anywhere for that matter, keep an eye out for more utility scams. The Baltimore police just warned residents to be wary of utility scam artists]

#1 Mary May 04, 2011 @ 8:49 PM
These people are harassing me here in Pennsylvania by phone. I hope you can find a way to stop them.

#2 David Rader May 08, 2011 @ 2:18 AM
It's been almost a week. The police department apparently doesn't reply to their online form (at least not in any timely manner). I suppose I'll have to call the non-emergency number. I'll post an update afterwards.

Do NOT use this Baltimore Police form if you expect a response in a timely manner (or at all?):

Their non-emergency number is listed on this page (311):

I assume the non-emergency number in PA is 311 also, kind of like 911 is universal in the USA.

I'll call the non-emergency number soon to see what they say and give an update here.

#3 Pappy July 03, 2011 @ 2:49 PM
Well, you could place a sign on your fence... \'Trespassers will be shot first, asked questions later\'...ummm, just kidding (kinda). But maybe you can contact the Attorney General\'s Consumer dept.

#4 MXEnergy March 08, 2012 @ 1:16 PM
I don't think MXEnergy is a ripping people off.

#5 David Rader March 08, 2012 @ 11:39 PM
Well, MXEnergy. If their aim is not to rip people off, why do they have to resort to a harassing method to entice people to switch?

#6 Jen Peretti May 04, 2012 @ 5:33 PM
Let me 'splain Ricky.. There is no need to go bananas and feel threatened when someone comes to your door and 'offers' you a lower electric and/or gas rate. Because of the 'Do not Call' lists face-to-face is the best option to reach people and get a decision. Remember telephone deregulation in the 90's and many small telephone companies were offering lower rates? Good, you remember. This is the same thing. Similar to switching from Verizon to Vonage. Most of the people who visit you will be young men, without much experience in the world of sales - Why? Because going to homes is tiring for older folks. Right? Right. So try not to scare the hell out of them with your irate, paranoid actions. If they say 'get your electric bill because you're being overcharged' just calmly ask your questions of him and see if he can answer. Most likely this is the way he has found works and you don't have to do anything you don't want to. He will simply go away and try the next home. Chill. You can save money by switching to another company because, and this is what he should be able to tell you; our company can buy electricity & gas cheaper than BGE or PEPCO or Alleghany or any of the big providers.

Here's the explanation from NJSpotlight article 5/4/2012:
A steep drop in natural gas prices has created favorable conditions for so-called third-party suppliers to come into New Jersey and offer residential customers lower energy prices than the public utilities, a situation that has led tens of thousands of customers to switch.

It is the first time residential customers have switched in droves since the state deregulated the industry in 1999. Previously, third-party suppliers could not undersell the utilities. The incumbents bought their power in bulk, paying discounted prices because of the large number of customers they had. Other suppliers could not get such discounts because they were buying less power.

Also, in an effort to prevent big spikes in electric bills caused by a rise in fuel prices, as happened with natural gas, the utilities buy one-third of the power they need every three years and come up with a price based on a three-year average.
The system has worked well in years when gas prices spiked, but works against consumers when the fuel prices drop. With the utilities locked in to the higher prices from three years ago, third-party suppliers are luring customers away by offering discounts of 15 percent or more. Read the rest here: <a href="http://www.njspotlight.com/stories/10/1028/2223/" rel="nofollow">www.njspotlight.com</a>
I live in S. Maryland and cannot switch or I'd be gone baby, gone. The rates are variable but don't freak, ultimately you will save much money over the year. If you have a fixed rate and prices go down, you're screwed so be happy with the variable. Most of these companies DO NOT offer a contract, that's good, there's no cancellation fee or a minor one. I understand Constellation charges $150.00. Some offer perks to stay with them, others don't. Check out the next young man's company who comes to your door and see, you will save money. Ps: I would suggest switching to Vonage too, itís much cheaper than Verizon!

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