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Rats and Trash in Maryland Baltimore County: Maryland News
Rats and Trash in Maryland Baltimore County

By: David Rader II on October 18, 2007 @ 12:45 AM

I've been waiting to write this story until I could get some video of the rats, but for some reason the rats wont stand still long enough for me to get a camera shot of them under a spotlight. I think I know why their hanging around here though, at least what's contributing to it.

The county claims the problem is mainly, if not completely from people having trash sit out without lids on them. Well if they think that's such a huge problem, maybe they should think about getting the trash pickup crew to pick the trash up on time.

I've been living in Dundalk for more than 20 years. I only started noticing rats earlier in this year, 2007 in Dundalk. I also started noticing trash pickup coming later and later... Sometimes the trash wouldn't come for three days. So what does that mean? People who set their trash out, lids or not, aren't getting their trash picked up and the trash, or should I say "four course meal for the rats" sits out for them for days.

Rats, I've heard can chew through steal, but even if that's not true I feel pretty confident they can chomp through plastic lids and aluminum trash cans.

As far as I can remember though, since I've lived here, not everyone has put their trash in cans, yet still, for some reason the rats weren't here. I suppose it takes 20 years or so for the rats to notice the trash isn't in cans right? Wrong, they realize just as quickly as we do, when we see it. What do they realize though they we don't so quickly? That the trash stays out longer, and people don't check the trash, because for 20 years it's usually came on time.

The trash pickup has been regularly late for two months now! Start watching your trash and you'll notice how it's not coming on time.

Call these people to make a difference:
Health Department:

Dundalk Eagle:

Contact List

Side note:
Something else which is pretty ridiculous, someone I know got one of those notes on their door. Apparently, they were told to put lids on their recycling containers or they'll get fined, even though the Baltimore county website says

"Recyclable bottles & cans must be placed out for collection in open-top bins (such as laundry baskets and storage bins) OR in see-through plastic bags (blue, clear, tan, white, etc.)."

They also say:
"No paper in plastic bags (even if it's raining!) and no trash containers."
See the source to verify for yourself.

Joke Satire!
FINE THOSE EVIL RECYCLERS! Watch those rats, they will get your paper, your glass bottles, your aluminum washed out cans, your plastic, eventually you're going to have to your neighborhood trees in giant trash cans, because apparently, rats love paper and other recyclables, such as glass bottles! REMOVE YOUR WINDOWS FROM YOUR HOUSE, YOUR GLASS WINDOWS NOT BEING PROPERLY CONTAINED ARE CAUSING RAT PROBLEMS! Put lids on your windows please.
End of joke satire

Rats will eat anything. It doesn't matter what it's in. Sure, it slightly helps, but it helps much more when the trash is removed completely in the first place.

Seriously though, call those numbers or email them to tell them about the trash problem and "if" you're not happy with the fact that they turned extermination down so quickly for us, without even checking in to the situation. They should have known they weren't sending anyone to remove trash before we did. Apparently, they don't know what's going on so it's our job to let them know! Let them know!


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