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Southwest Baltimore Trash Problem and A better solution: Maryland News
Southwest Baltimore Trash Problem and A better solution

By: David Rader II on June 26, 2007 @ 2:34 AM

Apparently there's a trash dumping problem in Southwest Baltimore, Maryland according to a youtube video titled "Who is responsible for Southwest Baltimore?"

Mayor Dixon said "it sounds like a chronic dumping site." and it was stated on FOX45, "The only solution may be stricter enforcement."
Source: FoxBaltimoe.com

I'm really glad it was said the only solution may be stricter enforcement, because another solution to this problem could be avoiding the cause for this problem. More likely than not, there's no legal dumping site in the area. So what do we do about this? Put a legal dumping site in somewhere near by.

When people start dumping things, it's usually a sign that they need a place to do it. At least some people I know don't have cars and they can't get a taxi to take their old couch to the dump for example. It can also be just too expensive to rent trucks, pay for gas and sometimes dumping (depending on what you're dumping).

So there's got to be a place or service that can be accessed within walking distance that's not going to cost someone an arm and a leg. I know that it means it will cost someone, and you're likely thinking Maryland tax payers. I have something to propose to remedy that as well. Open up some state funded (or encouraged*) recycling programs where people can take trash that needs dumping, and others are paid to go through it, paid from recycling money made.

How do you help prevent people from throwing away things unsafe for refining? Keep a record and tag the card with that persons ID, so they can't use the community dump for things that should be put out with other trash (e.g. rotting food)

It's not fair that someone should take advantage or a community service and most will see it that way, so this type of dump tracking shouldn't pose an unfair speed bump in personal privacy. Plus, the kinds of things that are personal to most people likely should be disposed of in their normal trash.

Of course, there will be times when people just absolutely have to get rid of normal trash, so have a light leniancy towards Emergency Dumping (i.e. someone moves and can't take their stuff).

People can even take what they want to donate to the place too, and from there have it sent to salvation army, purple heart, or something similar. Even FreeCycle.org could be used or Baltimore Craigslist could be used to raise money to give back to the city and or support the program.

If you think this may help the situation and want to help, you can let the mayor know, it may spark something. I wouldn't consider myself the top expert on waste disposal, so keep your ears open!

*State Encouraged- i.e. incentive prorgams for businesses (such as loans)

Update 2 hours later
My wife suggested something else (perhaps something that can be joined with the original proposed plan):
There are a lot of people who need community service hours. There can be projects (perhaps that occur on a regular basis/monthly/weekly/bi monthly, etc) where different areas or neighborhoods can be targeted for community service work.


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