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Bugs and Insects increasing in Maryland: Maryland News
Bugs and Insects increasing in Maryland

By: David Rader II on July 14, 2007 @ 7:38 PM

Swarms of beetles, flies, and termites. It seems like insects are increasing in number in Maryland this summer and I've got some video here to show you what I'm talking about.

This year, I've noticed more bugs than I have my whole life Dundalk, Maryland. And I love bugs, so I've always watched them and I'd notice. After speaking with a variety of contractors that work abroad in Maryland, I've been told they've never seen the insects so much before either.

I took a few videos of the insects you can see below:

Video of the flies on a plant known as Euonymus Gold or Yellow plant. Apparently the fruits or flowers on this plant attracts flies. That plant has been there for years, and I've never noticed that many flies on it.
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Around a week and a half before the fly video, there were hundreds and hundreds of termites flying out of a tree near by, a swarm of termites that may be called. By the time I thought to record it, I was too busy doing yard work that week, and they had already gone, but a new type of bug had arrived, beetles. Once again, in great numbers. The video below will show you a very small number of them packing themselves onto the tree where the termites came from.

Since then, that tree has been dramatically "trimmed" and the beetles numbers are going down, at least, on that tree.

The question remains now, what is causing the increase in insects this summer? Except, I've noticed that I've seen less honey bee's this year, but an increase in wasps and yellow jackets. And speaking of honey bee's, I captured an amazing photo of a "bumble bee" with its mouth open on a flower (a type of white flower that comes from clovers, which many people consider "weeds"). Thanks for taking an interest in this Maryland News article!

Update: I posted a thought about possible causes for the honey bee population dropping, which is related to this article, due to the apparent increase of insects.
Another Update: I posted a video of a bumble bee on a sunflower that was taken around the same time this article was written. The bumble bee, one of the things that inspired this post.


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