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A little note to the Baltimore Sun: Maryland News
A little note to the Baltimore Sun

By: David Rader II on September 16, 2012 @ 3:27 PM

A little note I sent to the Baltimore Sun News:

'Please talk more about things that matter in your paper. Everyone in the world believes the USA went to the Middle East guns blazing for the profit of some companies. Bin Laden! No wait, WMDs! No wait, Saddam! No wait, Afghanistan radicals! That's just the biggest example that's continued in the face of every American major news corp. for the past 11 years though. Everyone in the world thinks big news companies are just pawns. You guys are supposed to be our Knights. More people would subscribe if the people trusted you more. They look to you for entertainment more than they should. I wish you would take a sincere look at non-profit radio stations. Corporations stand for money, while News should stand for truth. Somebody has to. Religion is slowly being rubbed out in America. My child can't be sent with cupcakes in Kindergarten for a birthday because birthdays are now considered religious.'

I write about these things here because I can't just stand around and do nothing when I see something unrighteous and I don't know what else to do about it. I don't want to go wasting my time protesting in person. I don't know where the right place to protest would be at. I know the organizations who are supposed to help us have turned their backs on us. Who can afford to take time off their job whenever they want to go protest? Who can afford to take time to be arrested for protesting peacefully?

How about this?!! Give all American's a job that's paying enough for them to get by in life, but not enough to take off for any extended period or random short period so they don't have time to complain! Keep US focused on acquiring material possessions so we don't think people being killed all around the world in our name is as important as the next big TV, fashion trend or Pop Idol!


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